Chiropractic Appointments

At your first visit, Dr. Covell will review your health history and perform an initial physical and chiropractic exam. A unique treatment plan will be formed based on your condition and health goals. Unless further imaging is needed, you will be treated at the first visit using various soft tissue techniques and adjustment therapies. You should expect about 40 minutes for your first appointment. 

Follow-up appointments are scheduled based on each individual treatment plan and are a continuation of care that was administered at the first visit. Dr. Covell may provide at-home exercises and lifestyle recommendations to give you strategies to use out of the office to promote healing. 

$85 for initial visit, $45 follow-up visit

Pregnancy Care

These visits are geared specifically to address the needs of the expecting patient. Regular chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy can help keep you more comfortable as your body undergoes physical and hormonal changes. Dr. Covell will use gentle adjustment techniques to properly align the pelvis and spine as well as soft tissue work to address any muscular imbalances. As with all chiropractic appointments, these visits are tailored uniquely to each individual. 

$85 for initial visit, $45 follow-up visit

Purification Programs and Nutrition Counseling

Purification programs are not "diets". These programs are designed to help you make lifelong healthy changes.  This program allows your body to take a break from the sugary and processed average American diet.  Over the course of the 21-day program you will develop a new way of enjoying what you eat - healthy, nutrient-dense, whole foods. The foods and supplements that you eat during purification will also enable you to naturally eliminate toxins that have been accumulating in your body. 

Although the goal of the purification process may not be to lose weight, it is a common occurrence as your body sheds toxins and you are no longer eating sugar, processed foods and unhealthy fats. 

Patients who participate in a purification program also report increased energy, better digestion, decreased food cravings, better sleep, improved weight management and clearer thinking.

Pricing determined per individual case. 



Sharing space with Phoenix Rising Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, our collaborative office environment provides patients with access to a team of highly skilled massage therapists. This allows Dr. Covell and the LMT's to create a comprehensive treatment plan and ensures a continuum of care.

Services include: therapeutic massage, Swedish massage, prenatal massage, thai massage, couples massage, cupping, and hot stone massage.

Dr. Covell is great at listening to her patients and helping them with what they need. She helped me with my upper back pain. It was wonderful to be alleviated from pain caused by a lack of proper alignment. I would recommend her to anyone! She’s one of the best!
— Lindsay J.