Headaches: Tension vs. Migraine

This is a hot topic in my office! 🔥 Patients frequently tell me that they get “migraines”. Let’s think about this: although all migraines are headaches, not all headaches are migraines. 🤔

The causes, symptoms and treatment for tension (or cervicogenic) headaches are very different than for a true migraine. Check out the differences below.

Often postural stresses such as working at a desk or at a computer can contribute to hypertonicity in the muscles of the neck. This can cause headaches to present in the temples, over the eyes or the forehead. 😨

Headaches are COMMON but not NORMAL. You don’t have to get a headaches every day, every time you work on your computer, every time you drive, etc etc etc. The good news is that many headaches respond very positively to chiropractic adjustments and work to the muscles of the cervical spine. 😁