Dr. Covell works with other local professionals to support you on your wellness journey. 

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Covell Chiropractic is located within Phoenix Rising, a massage studio offering a wide array of therapeutic massage techniques. Dr. Covell works collaboratively with several highly skilled Licensed Massage Therapists when further treatment of soft tissue is indicated. In this integrative setting it is not only possible, but also beneficial and convenient to schedule a massage and adjustment in the same day. 



No time to get to the Farmers' Market? FreshFix makes it easy to eat fresh, local fruits and vegetables all season by bringing a bi-weekly farm share to Covell Chiropractic. WinterFix 2018 will include locally grown greens, lettuces, herbs and veggies. Optional add-on's like jam, cheese, bread, coffee, pickles and pasta are available. NEW! MeatFix with local poultry, beef, lamb, goat and rabbit. 

Sign up with Promo code "BCCC2017" for $10 off your first order.  Shares are available for pick-up Thursday afternoons outside Covell Chiropractic.   


Becker farms and vizcarra vineyards 

About the farm:

Becker Farms and Vizcarra Vineyards is a 5th Generation family owned 340 acre working fruit and vegetable farm that sells most of their products directly to the public. 

 For the past 100 years Becker Farms has harvested its own fruits and vegetables to provide fresh produce and a wide variety of value added products such as hand made pies, jams, cookies, cider, fudge and wines. Becker Farms believes that a farm fresh meal is a very basic yet integral part of maintaining a strong bond with families and friends. We believe this philosophy strengthens our communities and enriches our lives.

Covell Chiropractic is a pick-up site for the Becker Farms Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) weekly shares.

Deliveries are Wednesdays outside Suite 130 and run from June to October.



At BuffaloCryo, we bring world-class whole body cryotherapy to Western New York. By safely exposing your body to subzero temperatures for just a few minutes, you can stimulate your body’s natural recovery processes. You’ll leave each session feeling refreshed—physically and mentally—and ready to perform to your maximum potential.

Multi-location gift certificates for Covell Chiropractic, Phoenix Rising and Buffalo Cryo are available.